The first blog on this renewed website should of course be a good opener. But then comes the hard part: what to write about as a blogger? It seemed to me like a good idea to instead of writing about the company, to write blogs about the voice over business in general and everything that is part of it. Nice posts, videos, voice over trends which I notice as voice caster, how to train your voice, etc.

For most of you visiting this website, the voice over business is a familiar thing; what it represents, what comes around the corner being one. From serious informative corporate films to playful ads with a young energetic voice underneath. Probably also very familiar for most of you, dubbing characters for different Disney, Pixar and other (animated) films – something that needs not be underestimated with all those time codes and the continuous energy that needs to be kept and given. All one by one done by amazingly talented voice overs.

However, the wondrous world of the voice over business is for some a totally unexplored new world. For that reason this first blog will be one of a specific example of a voice over talent. And what an example. A while ago I saw this video on Facebook, in which an American voice actor showed us his trick in a couple of minutes! James Arnold Taylor – for those who want to google him. Wauw! My mouth kept on falling open wider of amazement and respect after seeing more and more. As a voice caster (and believe me I see and hear a lot) I marvel at the many possibilities that lie in the range of a single human voice, let alone the imitations that are in ones’ reach. Every voice is unique; it has its’ own voice characteristics. Or like James says: “every voice is a combination of tones”. As a good voice actor one should be able to see them as a musician is able to see the melody and write it down on music paper. And then copy… Well no! Try it! That’s why (with a lot of respect) we call these talents voice magicians and practicing magic… that’s not a job laid aside for anyone! Thankfully, even though our country is very small, we have a couple of these voice magicians ourselves, that we call for every type of voice over work. From Arnold Schwarzenegger to the ex Prime-Minister Balkenende, from Queen Maxima to Mega Mindy. They can do it all! Curious? Ok, here another example. Being a voice actor is acting, but then behind the microphone! ;-) Have fun listening and being wowed!

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