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Warm, fatherly, loyal, business like, informative or  young, fresh, husky…


Hip, young, fresh girl-next-door sound or sweet, reliable, motherly… 


Teenager or small child, Dutch (ABN or dialect) or in another language?

Voice is here to serve you!

Voice is a young, though very experienced voice casting agency. Voice is here to help voice talents get more voice over jobs, while at the same time helping clients find the appropriate talent that they are looking for! Whether for a commercial aired on the radio, TV or online, a corporate business film, a moving storyboard, an audio guide for a museum / exposition or a voice to be put over a film made by young filmmakers, we do it all! Everything Voice delivers is done with pleasure and passion for this business.


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Regional or national radiocommercial, tag on, online or several variations. Find your price tag here.


Regional or national TV commercial, tag on, online, billboard, cinema commercial or several variations. Find your price tag here.


Up to four hour recording sessions for corporate films, voice response systems, audio tour recordings or any other recording without a buyout fee. Find your price tag here.

What Voice is good at

Voice believes that every idea in a creative producer’s mind deserves the appropriate sound. Voice wants every actor – beginner or all round talent – to be part of this creative process. By working together we can make each idea become an audio and visual reality. Voice is versatile, Voice is fast, Voice is professional and Voice will always look for the right price tag so everyone will be happy!


In search of a voice over talent for your TV commercial? Billboard? Add on? Tag on?


Recording a radio commercial or tag on and need a fitting voice for your production?


Every commercial expression you would like to put online needs a voice, right?


Creating a corporate film for internet or intranet and need help finding the appropriate voice?


A voice over in Dolby surround sound, with maximum impact asks for a good voice, correct?

Voice Response

In need of a representative voice talent for your voice response system or voicemail?


To make things easy and transparent, Voice works with three packages:

  • Sound4Sound
  • Sound4Image
  • E-Sound

In each package you can find the prices. Of course you can mix and match the different options just the way you want it.

Do you need help or do you have any other questions? Do not hesitate to contact Voice!


Regional or perhaps national radiocommercial, tag on, online or maybe you would like several variations of the same product. Find your price tag here.

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Regional or national TV commercial, tag on, online, billboard, cinema or several variations. Find your price tag here.

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Corporate films, voice response systems, audiotour recordings or any other buyout free recording. Find your price tag here. 

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It is with great pride that Voice can show you that we have established recordings for the following brands, products and services. Would you like to see your logo here? Then do not hesitate to contact Voice!

Regio Bank

Foreign voices wanted!

Are you a foreign native speaker? And do you already have experience as a voice over talent? Please contact Voice!

Voice is looking for new team members

Voice is always searching for new clients and new voice talents. Are you working as a (freelance) creative producer, RTV producer or do you work for an audio studio with direct client contact? Are you searching for the right kind of voice which fits your ideas for the production? Then look no further and contact Voice! Are you a beginning or experienced voice talent? Are you looking for (more) voice over jobs? Or do you know somebody, Dutch speaking or other native speaker? Child, teenager or adult of any age, male or female?  Do please contact Voice!

In search of:
  1. Children & Teenagers;

  2. Native foreign voice talents;

  3. Undiscovered voice talents;

  4. Allround voice talents;

  5. Voice talents with local accents or dialects;

Are you a foreign native speaker and do you already have experience as a voice over talent? Please contact Voice! Voice is always looking for more foreign native speakers, whatever your age and whichever country you are from! Voice is looking for you! Spanish, English, Italian, German, Portuguese, French, Polish, Turkish, Moroccan, Romanian, Czech, Croatian, Chinese, etc. you name it! Please do not hesitate to send an email! Voice is looking forward to working with you!

Always thought your little one would be a perfect voice over? Or maybe you have a teenager eager to lend their sound to a new commercial? Now is your chance! Send an e-mail stating why you think he or she should be represented by Voice and Voice will help you make an audio demo at home and put it out there! If he or she is already a (more) experienced voice over, please do send your contact information, along with his/her resume and a voice demo (in MP3). Looking forward to receiving your e-mails!

Are you that undiscovered voice talent who is waiting for a chance to be finally part of the voice over world? Then do send Voice your audio demo, resume and motivation. It does not matter how old you are; Voice cares about your experience and/or potential! Are you still in school? Please ask your parent or guardian for permission. Looking forward to hearing from you and receiving your material!

Voice works with a lot of professional voice over talents. Like its’ owner, each voice is different. Therefore Voice never stops searching for new talents to work with. Are you that versatile allrounder? Then please do not hesitate to send your resume and audio showreel. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Are you a native speaker with a (strong) regional accent? Or perhaps you speak without one but can easily switch back to your old dialect? Do you have (any) experience in the voice-over world? Then stop what you are doing and send Voice an e-mail! Voice is looking for you!

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